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He looked at my body for a brief moment, then, finally, he gave in. He pushed me down on my bed, my back against the wall. I closed my eyes when he started to go down on me, taking me all in, I felt the humidity inside of his mouth, gently kissing, swallowing my arousement. Then he looked up, the emptiness in his eyes was gone, now filled with an endearing look which derived from pure whorship. He pulled away and move up, kissing my stomach, then my chest, then my neck and the ball of my left ear. No other girl ever did this to me, every single spot his lips touched my skin was burning like he ‘d just left there a piece of embers.

“Feel me.”

His breath shattered on my ear, rousing a peculiar excitement in my stomach. I gave out a rough moan and opened my eyes, seeing him already got his clothing undone, then he slowly went down, taking me in, all of me, I could feel the heat, the softness of him squeezing me up, yet letting me in, accepting me. I studied his slender body, tanned, rough skin, suddenly my mind filled up with lunatic things I could do with his body. I could squeeze him up, hard enough to break him apart, tearing my way through him, shatter him in to pieces like breaking a doll made of glass. Another spasm came from below, he cried out an erotic yet quiet moan, and I couldn’t take it nomore.

I pushed him down, held up his leg with one of my hands, the other hand rested on his chest. I didn’t remember how hard or how many time did I thrust; my mind was flooded with ecstacy and insanity that couldn’t even work the primary function of counting.

The only thing I could ever recall was I gave him all I had, and all that time he was laying there, looking up at me with his wet brown eyes. I’d never felt so much admiration, such devotion yet desperation at the same time. He hold me with both his hands, didn’t even bother touching himself, restlessly repeating my name, choking on his own sobs, calling me quietly and gently like a distant voice, as if he was scared of waking me up from this craziness…

I exploded inside of him, right after he came all over himself, exhausted, shivering, like I’ve just lost a couple years of my lifetime. I collapsed on him, trembling, had I never felt this many feelings before, just as a emotional tsunami crashed down on my soul, I’m broken; then I started choking on my own tears.

He ran his hand through my hair, gently petting, caressing me, taking all my weight on his small frame, whispering.

“Shh…it’s okay. It’s not your fault. I’m sorry.”

For an instant, I realized that he was also crying, tears streaming down his saddened face, filling my heart with guilts.

We cleaned up and got dressed in silence. My mind ran through all the things we’d just done, trying to figure out some clues or anything to say, yet nothing came up, except the overwhelming fear of what I’d just become.

When I walked him to the door, he turned around, attempted to give me a kiss. By instinct, I moved away. He paused for a brief moment, then gave me a hug instead. I was stunned, thus standing there, not hugging him back.

“I’m sorry.”

I said, still not moving, not knowing nothing else to say, or how to react. Then he just simply shook his head, shaking from his hopeless efforts to hold down his sobs.

“Don’t be.” His voice was breaking, he rubbed his face into my neck, taking a very, very deep breath, then pulled away from me, exhaled, finally took control of all the emotions. “I should be the one who apologize.”

He stepped out the threshold, saying with a distant voice, again.

“Goodbye Jeremy.”


And I stood there watching him walking in to the dark, chilling night.


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