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Will you be with your date today, Alan?

Oh, I don’t even know if you have a girlfriend or not. In fact, I didn’t know nothing about you. So tell me tell me, who are you? Where are you from? What color do you love, and which is that of your eyes?

Tell me about the music, songs I’ve never heard you listen. Is your hair soft or dry; does it always stand up like that or just because you have it to? Would it go all tangled if I dare to rub?

Is your skin hot or cold? Because it seems like snow that dropped, which made your skin, your glance your teeth… chilled I am, every time I’m caught up with.

Tell me about you, your family your friends, the woman you love, or those that you’ve done loving; sports that you play, books that you’ve read; your hopes and fears and everything that you believe. I’m eager to learn.

Have you ever noticed? Or just mere boy I am to you? Do you feel me, or this awkwardness every time we met? Did you notice I was watching your hands your lips, dreaming of touching them, feeling them with my tongue and inhaling all your body smells to convert them into memories. I want you this bad, I want you die. I want you to disappear, and either do I.

All those chance that I just messed up. I have to fall through. To accept the fact that I’m no longer the one to tell. You’re gone with that silence and peace. No difference all these things could be.

in your eyes i’m just that clumsy boys who’s always had a thing he ran to hide.

you don’t know me and i don’t know you.

please don’t ever notice.

all these filthy crushes I held towards you.


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