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“I cannot go to the ocean
I cannot drive the streets at night
I cannot wake up in the morning
Without you on my mind”

I can picture the swaying palm trees and the wet shore with endearing waves where Oliver usually came and sit there doing nothing for hours, driving Elio to the realm of angsts, worries, jealousy, and wrath; when he got all freak out, desperately looking for any sign of his love interest’s living; then all that broke in to silence that Elio used hold back all the feelings in his lungs.

And I see them tangled together in the room poured all over by the silver dimmed light of the moon, kissing, caressing, making love; being lost in each other soul that barely recognized which one was whose anymore.

And the nights in Rome with the starry sky, liquors and the fountain of love, the sparkles in the water beams, the drunk men who sang that tragic song and the sound of his guitar echoed in the silence of the old structured town. And that dark small alley where they lost themselves in the passionate kiss, the couple who saw and understood what they had was what love is.

And on the pavement Elio stood, that day when he tried to linger on the memories of the three-month life they’d had, drinking on the madness of love and the precious soul they shared together, unaware of the flow of days and time. Still what will be will be, and the regretful look on Oliver I saw, given to the soulmate of his life before he get in to that yellow cab, luggages in the trunk, drove away from the piece of life that he wouldn’t ever be able to relive.

For all the things that they wish they could’ve had; for a brief moment, they could even hold them in their hands, feel them in the kisses, or the blurred line where one’s body ended and the other’s started; they still won’t ever be able to have.


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