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Scars, these things that I’ve always had an obsession with. For each man I meet, I likely put my attentions on men who had some significant scars or flaws on their body rather than those who don’t.

People usually hold a vulgar feeling towards ugly scars or birthmarks they found on others’ body, considering them as “flaws”, “obstacles” that they’d have to bear with in their entire life. They usually avoid looking at such “flaws”, overlook the ugliness so they could be able to put up with those who happened to carry them.

For me, every scar is a mark of history. Just like you watch the remnants of the Berlin wall so you know about the fights, the efforts given to break down the stance of communism. When I look at a scar, it’s like looking at a new chemical element that needs to be studied. I crave to know about the story hiding under the lumpy skin. What kind of damage leave such severe mark on its victim? What happened? What is the story, the trauma that might leave this person a hole of insecurity on their chest?

The uglier the mark is, the more I crave to know. I want to cherish, to hold and to kiss on the most bizarre spot on that person’s body, tell him everything is okay, tell him I love his scar, his flaw his ugliness. How glad I am to find such a damaged person to give him love, such love that ordinaries could not give him because they can’t despite the prominence of the ugly, yet attractive to me, mark on his body.

The more damaged a person is, the more likely he’d be dependent on love, such caring that he believes that would not be found nowhere easily. Then once he’s ever been loved, he would never abandon thee who loved him.

Hence I love observing scars. Hence I’d always figure the person’s weakness point that caused all sorts of his insecurities. Not hence I could control or destroy him, yet I could ease his traumas with my caring love, becoming the only person who love him so much so far, making him mine, loyal and faithful, never dare to walk out of my life without fearing the fact nobody would love him as much as I do.

The flaws are still flaws. Only if you dare to love, to cherish, to make it as extraordinary as a flaw could ever be.


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