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Let’s just consider that I’m drawn out of the affairs market because my quality does not meet the demand’s standard.

The fuck did I just say?

Trollololol I can’t believe I did that. I sent him a fucked up message telling him that I find him “sexy as fuck”. And guess what? No reply.

That’s a thousand time worse than blasting out with hatred or something, really. I feel like being mentally tortured.

Now things get really tight. I don’t even know how to walk peacefully without worrying he would just pop out from somewhere and…I don’t know.

Maybe he has gone running his mouth about me, I don’t know. It feels so insecure.

I told you, being gay is not okay.


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Alan or Caleb, really, still I don’t even know your name yet, but all these chemistries could you please explain them for me?

I barely remember which part of yours that makes me jolt. All that I can really remember is that “sup” you gave me countless time we met.

Is this love or lust? Or it’s just one symptom of that Loneliness Syndrome that I’ve always had since I got here.

I’m starting to miss you and torturing myself with lovesick songs…

I miss that flawless skin, and that magical word which blew my heart away. That out of the blue deep tone “sup” you said.

I’m so cheap.

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